Apprentice Support Channels
  • 28 Mar 2022
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Apprentice Support Channels

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Looking for additional help? Apprentice offers customer support through a number of different options. Review the sections below to learn more about how you can contact the Apprentice support team.


Contact the Apprentice Support team via email at

Live chat

Log in to the Tempo Manufacturing Cloud to access the Apprentice support team's Live Chat feature. Click Live Chat in the lower right corner of the application then complete the form.


Phone support

Dial local, toll-free numbers based on your location to receive additional support.


Location Number
Algeria 213982402796


Location Number
Argentina 08006662359
Brazil 08007614033
Canada 18778273957
Puerto Rico 18558501655
United States 18333833733
Uruguay 0004135983385


Location Number
China 4000280353
India 0008000501935
Japan 006633868771
Singapore 8008526953
South Korea 00798142030178


Location Number
Austria 0800291772
Belgium 080070879
Czech Republic 800222559
Denmark 80253843
France 0805223181
Germany 08005891907
Hungary 0680109937
Ireland 1800849003
Italy 800194678
Netherlands 08002626310
Portugal 800819177
Slovakia 0800000780
Spain 900998406
Turkey 08006210707
United Kingdom 08081968145

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