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  • 01 Jun 2022
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Introducing Tandem v6

The upgrade to Tandem v6 includes improvements to reliability and robustness while providing users with a more intuitive experience.


Tandem v6 will no longer support borescope compatibility. For more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM).


Apprentice-powered headset application

RealWear firmware release 12.1: The latest headset firmware release includes functionality updates and certifications as well as additional security improvements. Users will notice increased stability in voice command recognition.

Solo Recording improvements: Video integrity checks, upload-later options, and more to increase robustness of the Solo Recording headset feature.

Headset device “Favorites”: Users can now add multiple headset devices to their list of Favorites, which makes logging in faster with one click.


Tandem web application

Enhanced user experience: Improvements to web layouts designed to reduce friction and ensure Tandem is more intuitive for our users.

Tool grouping: In-session tools are now grouped by task type to quickly find related actions.

new session tools.png

  1. Annotations and captions
  2. Mute audio and stop video
  3. Screen-related tools (record session, share screen, HD Screenshot)
  4. Leave session
  5. Participants and chat

Segmented session window: Participant thumbnails are now separate from the video display, allowing for unobstructed view of the primary speaker.

Improved screen sizing: Improved display responsiveness and usability of icons for any screen or browser size.


Improved web chat visibility: Improved legibility of the chat window with higher contrast ratios and clearer participant names.

Upgraded HD Screenshots: HD Screenshots taken on the web application will now be captured at high-resolution, regardless if the headset display has been changed to a lower resolution.

Tandem enterprise management


China relay selection: An added selection for China Regional configuration for devices operating within mainland China.

Media policy: Updates to the Media Policy workflow now include an option to link to a website URL for the approval document.

Privacy policy: Updates to the Privacy Policy workflow now include an option to upload a PDF requiring confirmation the user read and approved the policy. This information will also be captured in the audit trail logs.

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